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Minbar of translation (2017) - site-specific mediation (large scale print mounted on the windows of 8 translation-booth, live spoken-word mediated via wireless headphone)

Presented in The Artist and the Social Dreamer curated by Renan Laru-an, part of the 'Forecast' festival hosted by Haus der Kulturen der Welt, October 2017 Berlin

A series of (live and recorded) stream of my speech broadcasted from the inhouse Translation Booth and its sound system of the auditorium of the HKW. The audience are offered headsets as they enter the big auditorium and can listen to six sermons about translation, discrepancy, retreat, displacement, transcendence, and interpolation. Six parts of an image assemblage are installed on the widows of each Translation Booth.

In alliance with modalities of evacuation and nonpresence associated with “ecriture” and being persecuted by the panic of the political, I propose a reading of Minbar‎‎, a salient escalating spatial device positioned at the center of the practices of speaking/listening in the everyday mosque—to elevate another kind of texture of transference. The pulpit of minbar mystically negotiates the demands of the beyond and the technical questions of audibility. With minbar we are at a pedagogical scene, a socio-techno-theological site where acts of submissiveness requested of the Other and schizophrenic distress legislated to the speaker are happening at the same time.

'Escher, Minbar, and Babylon 5 project' image assemblage part of 'Minbar of translation' - installation and sound, Sina Seifee 2017 Berlin HKW<br />
Sliding down from the top of the image: a battlefield-portal opens from the TV series Babylon 5 (1994)–a bad version of Star Trek's kind-of-enterprise for trade and diplomacy with spacefars–a negative space of <i>Mihrab</i> is being sucked in (or out of) it. Meanwhile on the bottom: a social poesis is producing a cartography of voice and beyond, throwing itself into a composition (of an Escherian niche and up/down streams of meaning and feeling.) And there is a Minbar turning on and off with the Escher escalator, while two joker's tentative intervention in its neighborhoods of thought, slowly vandalizing (authoritative knowledge-)claims of legitimacy, by creating a shortcut, abandoning their posts from the audience of Minbar, who are positioned properly listening and shaping its collective hand of author or authority. 'Minbar of translation' - installation and sound, Sina Seifee 2017 Berlin HKW 'Minbar of translation' - image installation, Sina Seifee 2017 Berlin HKW view of the translation booth - 'Minbar of translation', Sina Seifee 2017 Berlin HKW

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