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Von der Seltsamkeit der Feststoffe (On the Marvels of the Solids) (2016) - installation (inject print on Litho paper as 200 meters scroll, mounted on multiple three-legged stands) and sound-performance (8 channel live electronic music) with Ali Chakav

Presented in Museum Schnütgen (St. Cäcilien Kirche) in the context of new talents - biennale cologne, 4th of June 2016 Köln

A short multimedia essay on 'matter mythology' as a one-day intervention in the Sankt Cäcilien interior—a Romanesque church/museum for European medieval art. The installation of texts and the sound essay together approaches a technical term in the medieval philosophies: Hayula—literally meaning 'unformed monster' that tells the histories of non-human material and mythologies of matter-energy flow in different (not always European) cultures of knowledge.

In the medieval Islamic philosophy, Hayula (Persian: هیولا) mythologically refers to a pre-cosmological form of energy—literally meaning unformed monster—from which eventually the universe and persons where created, and systematically provokes a meshwork of meanings that interrelate notions of energy, form, and selfhood in a pre-modern intercultural cosmology. The installation of a performative "writing" in the dense space of the Schnütgen museum parasitically seeks to be a host for Hayula nun-human histories, and tries to look at the concept of Hayula as a device in cross-catalytic relations in matter-energy flows, looking at it as a semi metaphorical and physical non-linear model for structure-generating processes that populated the ancient world.

'Von der Seltsamkeit der Feststoffe' - installation and sound, in Museum Schnütgen, part of new talents - biennale cologne, Sina Seifee and Ali Chakav 2016 Köln

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