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Constant Prince (2010) - video (single channel silent video, 20min looped)

The averaging and the need to average everything is maybe a digital symptom and an aesthetic sickness, possible exactly because of digital technologies that allow such processings. It is a curiosity to work with image archives, just because "I can" "I have to" perform the experiment. The produced imagery follows up immediately with its historical roots in the skills of brush in the history of mastering painting techniques. The images used here are not random, they are collections of my personal en-devour to record a specific visual perception of mine—screenshots of my computer desktop, a routine practice now a days done by many, so easy and so important. The single image is a historical object of a screening device and intersection of interfacing systems and technologies and also a human touch and personal arrangement. But the average of them opens up something different. The design and textual information is buried and patterns of codes and codecs emerge. They carry history and light when projected.

video installation at group exhibition Temps D'Images, tanzhaus nrw, Dusseldorf 2014

© 2014 Sina Seifee