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Anthropophagite (2005) - short film/animation (PAL, hand drawing, 3d animation, photography, film, computer manipulation, digital composite, sound, 17:00 minutes)

Anthropophagite is a mixed technique short animation, originally started as an speculative animation project with Foad Farahani, during an animation course in Charsoo, 2004.

(written in Farsi by Foad Farahani - translated to English by Sina Seifee)

It's filled with silvern light. In silvern clump I puddle... heavy and fevered my eyes.
Silence! my fevered eyes!
My eyes found me in dart(/heigh+tened)light and came out of darkness; Composed(/informal) and dazed(/puzzled) till they reached me. We stood still for a moment, then staidly huged each other. As though uncalled, we pressed harder and stiffer. I became mute(/silent/noiseless).
I felt the coolness of a tiny drop on my hand, if I was trying to spread it or sweep it away I dragged my fingers over it. We are filled with deep memories and refines(/trains/endures/pauses/tries).

My eyes and I embraced
released from every watcher
it/he/she was chant and I in it/him/her... and bend down on me
it/he/she smelled like a rotted old
faced to its/his/her flesh and my flesh to its/his/her bosom
circled to compensate our silences
perplexed and baffled(/dumbed)
wallowing on the ground

© 2014 Sina Seifee