<back to home/this installation is consisted of two connected rooms and a video projection on the wall of a third room. In the first room a box(1x1x1 meter) is installed, lit scarcely frome inside. Its walls are patterned with images of a room, which this room is filled with objects that are missing, only their shadows remain on its six sides. The floor of the second room is covered with ash. The room is 9x7 meter size and the ash covers a 5x6 meter rectangular at the center. The video projection is a digital creation of a room with animated shadows on walls, looked through an unmoving camera with centered vanishing point and square image ratio.
/25 minute, black and white, 2x2 meter projection size.
Sina Seifee, installation, Box and Dust, maquette Sina Seifee, installation, Box and Dust, maquette  
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